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Creature Comforts came into being through a number of events that unfolded over the course  of ten years. Foremost was the daily routine of meals, insulin shots, and glucose tests with our diabetic Lhasa/Cocker mix, Chinsu.  We had adopted Chinsu, who was seven at the time,   after her previous owner passed away suddenly. The picture at the right was taken shortly after she arrived in her new home.
Chinsu had been with us a couple of years when we ran into this issue. We discovered she was diabetic due to an eye injury and the follow-up testing to locate the cause. Thanks to the great teams at Purdue Univ. Small Animal Hospital in W. Lafayette, IN and Vale Park Animal Hospital  in Valparaiso, IN, we were able to get her insulin regulated and had her feeling like her old self again within a couple of weeks. She went on her merry way for the next six years, until at fifteen, we had to let her cross the Rainbow Bridge. We still miss her every day.
But, that's not the end of the story . . .  
Enter Gizmo and Kookie. We became acquainted with Gizmo (a Shih Tzu mix) when a new friend, an Army Recruiter, was stationed in our area. He & his wife had to be out of town for an extended time and they couldn't take Gizmo with them.  Knowing of our past situation with Chinsu, plus not having anyone else nearby whom they felt they could trust, they asked if we would watch him.  Well, that got the ball rolling and we've been his Aunt & Uncle ever since. Then, earlier this year, Gizmo got a 'sister' named Kookie (Shih Tzu), who was about 3 months old the first time she tagged along with her 'big brother'.  Both of them are full of kisses when they get to spend some time with us.  
The point of these stories is to showcase the need for reliable people to care for our pets when we aren't able to bring them along with  us.  When we were caring for Chinsu, our entire schedule revolved around her insulin time-table.  We couldn't go anywhere without first checking to see if it was feasible for her to accompany us.  If it wasn't possible, then we didn't go.  Period.  Had we known at the time that there were folks who could handle her condition and allow us a bit more freedom, we would have cheered for such a sensible solution.  When the situation  with Gizmo & Kookie arose, it just drove home  the need for professionals to step into the gap.  
UPDATE:  We are pleased to share the news that we have added a new furbaby to the family! Tinker is a bright, happy Lhasa Apso who joined us in November, 2010.  She takes her watch duties seriously, but still makes time for play, lots of naps, and snuggles galore.  
It's this understanding of individual circumstances which drives our dedication & care for the furry members of the family. You can rest easy in the knowledge that your pet's care is our highest priority. 
That's why our mission is:

   Loving Care . . .

           When You're Not There!






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